, Are All Ear Plugs the Same?

Are All Ear Plugs the Same?

The goal of an effective ear plug is to provide enough attenuation, or sound dampening, to protect your ears in noisy environments. Different ear plugs are meant for different environments. When you need to protect your ears, but sound quality is still important, foam ear plugs or ear muffs often result in a lowered, but muffled and distorted sound. They protect your ears, but make the various important nuances of speech and music hard to hear properly. Have you ever listened to music with foam ear plugs? The music doesn’t sound right. That’s because certain pitches are reduced more than others with standard foam ear plugs.

High-fidelity ear protection fixes this! Specially crafted filters are used to decrease surrounding sounds equally, so all the pitches still sound the same, just lower. Musicians often choose this type of hearing protection, as it is important to hear the different notes they are playing. People who work in noisy environments also like filtered ear plugs, as they can hear co-workers speak more clearly.

Also, custom fitting ear protection helps with comfort, ease of use, noise reduction, and life of the ear protection!

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