, Children with Hearing Loss: What Services Do They Need?

Children with Hearing Loss: What Services Do They Need?

Approximately 2 to 3 babies out of 1000 are born with a detectable hearing loss in one or both ears. What do children with hearing loss need?

1) Early detection of a hearing problem. The earlier the better! This means that a child can get faster services that they need, like hearing aids or sign language intervention. The 'just-wait-and-see' mentality for audiological services and hearing testing is not acceptable or effective.

2) Early intervention. A child with a hearing loss (even a mild one) will miss a lot of communication opportunities if no intervention is taken. The child should be fit with appropriate hearing aids or families should get in contact with a sign language instructor to begin intervention. Kids need a lot of communication input to learn!

3) Routine check-ups with your healthcare professionals and audiologist is important to keep your hearing aids up to specification, and monitor any changes in hearing! Aural rehabilitation sessions with an audiologist can also help improve communication strategies and listening skills!

4) Speech language pathology intervention.  Children with hearing loss can benefit greatly from the help of an SLP. Effective spoken language is important for healthy communication development!

5) Evaluation of any other learning concerns by a school psychologist. Set up an assessment with a school psychologist to determine if there are any additional accommodations a child needs at school. A child's learning can be greatly enhanced through an evaluation like this!

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