How Hearing Works

Did you know that the human body can hear faster than it can seetastesmell, and feel?  Hearing is clearly important to our body; let's find out how this amazing system works!


Types of Hearing Loss

Our hearing system has many working parts.  Different kinds of hearing loss can arise depending on the part of the hearing system affected.  Let's learn about the four different kinds of hearing loss!


Hearing Loss Prevention

Our ability to hear can help us connect with others, experience music, learn, and live a social lifestyle.  Protecting our hearing is crucial in order to take advantage of all the amazing things our ears have to offer.  Let's learn about hearing loss prevention.



Buzzz, shhhh, eeeee, or all of the above? Tinnitus is the sensation of hearing buzzing, ringing, or some other kind of sound.  What causes tinnitus and are there any cures or treatments?


Hearing Aid Guide

Behind-the-ear hearing aids? Custom hearing aids? Let's get informed on hearing devices, and learn about the different styles and varieties of hearing aids.


Top Ten Lists, Helpful Tips, and Guides!

Hearing Beyond wants to keep you an informed and knowledgeable patient. Learn about the newest hearing devices on the market as well as tips on how to get the most out of your hearing aids.  Top 10 lists, guides, and helpful tips/tricks found here!



Hearing Survey

Let's hear about your hearing! Take our 1 minute survey and find your hearing score.

First, tell us a bit about yourself!  We just need your first name and phone number.

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Do you encounter situations where you cannot hear clearly?

2 / 7

Do family members and friends make remarks about you missing what was said?

3 / 7

Do you have trouble hearing on the phone?

4 / 7

Do others complain that you keep the TV too loud?

5 / 7

Do you have trouble hearing higher pitched voices (for example, children's voices)?

6 / 7

Do you need to ask people to repeat themselves?

7 / 7

Do you have trouble hearing in noisy places (restaurant, party, family get-together)?