Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations

At Hearing Beyond, we offer high quality and comprehensive hearing tests.  Diagnostic hearing evaluations are helpful in determining the type of hearing loss and it's severity.


Hearing Aid Selection and Dispensing

"Test-Drive" better hearing today!  At Hearing Beyond, our licensed audiologist will work with you to determine which hearing devices are right for you. We take pride in our high quality, thorough, and scientifically-backed hearing aid fitting procedures.


Hearing Aid Repairs

Most hearing aid issues can be resolved at our clinic in a short period of time.  At Hearing Beyond, we offer an in-house repair service for hearing aids.


Wax (Cerumen) Removal

Having some ear wax in your ears is healthy and normal, but too much wax can cause problems.  At Hearing Beyond, we offer three different kinds of wax removal.


Auditory Processing Disorder Screenings

Central Auditory Processing Disorder Screenings can help determine if your child has an Auditory Processing Delay. Children with APD (sometimes called CAPD) can have difficulties listening in noisy environments, like their classrooms or playgrounds.  Accommodations can be made to a child's classroom set-up and learning curriculum to best serve their listening needs.


Custom Ear molds, Hearing Protection, and Musician's Earplugs

Protecting our hearing in loud environments is important.  Custom ear molds, ear plugs, and musician's plugs are an excellent solution to maintaining healthy hearing.


Workplace Hearing Screening and Occupational Hearing Conservation Programs

Noise-induced hearing loss is the most common work-related injury in the world.  A hearing conservation program is an excellent way for employers to protect employees and reduce the risk of noise induced hearing loss at the workplace.



Hearing Survey

Let's hear about your hearing! Take our 1 minute survey and find your hearing score.

First, tell us a bit about yourself!  We just need your first name and phone number.

1 / 7

Do you encounter situations where you cannot hear clearly?

2 / 7

Do family members and friends make remarks about you missing what was said?

3 / 7

Do you have trouble hearing on the phone?

4 / 7

Do others complain that you keep the TV too loud?

5 / 7

Do you have trouble hearing higher pitched voices (for example, children's voices)?

6 / 7

Do you need to ask people to repeat themselves?

7 / 7

Do you have trouble hearing in noisy places (restaurant, party, family get-together)?